Best mobile phone at the moment: top 10

The best smartphone is different for everyone. Because, so many people, so many wishes. That’s why smartphones come at all colors, sizes, and prices. What makes a device so good that it is chosen as the best smartphone? So, what is the best mobile phone at the moment? Best mobile phone right now It remains … Read more

Development of Temple Architecture during Pallavas

Pallava Figure and Design Style: Pallava’s designs have a ton of enthusiasm and we can see the slim abilities of the craftsmen in the cutting of the figures. Pallava tradition was a well-known administration in South India. The Pallava lords played a supporter job to prosper craftsmanship and design in their realm. The present Pallava … Read more

Pallavas Contribution to Art & Culture

The Pallava line was an Indian tradition that existed from 275 CE to 897 CE, controlling a part of southern India. They acquired noticeable quality after the overshadowing of the Satavahana line, in which the Pallavas filled in as feudatories. Pallavas turned into a significant force during the rule of Mahendravarman I (571 – 630 … Read more

The Satvahanas-Architecture & Literature

Peruse this article to find out with regards to the Satavahana Line: Rulers, Organization, Society and Monetary and Strict Conditions during the Standard of Satavahana Administration! In the north-western Deccan on the remains of the Mauryan realm emerged the realm of the Satavahanas in the primary century B.C., with its middle at Pratishtana (current Paithan … Read more