Complete science green light death.

SpaceshipGreen Bird Electric. Was rapidly moving towards the green planet. Which is two hundred light-years away from the earth. Dr. Raymond was in charge of the ship. Success to space missions several times before that. Had performed with, Dr. Raymond. There were also three of his assistants. Carrie, Meghan, and Simon are three people at NASA. Were working for a long time and. Having expertise in their respective fields. There were spaceships on the Green Planet. Everybody’s curiosity was growing. And all the astronauts were looking at the front screen where the Green Planet was approaching. Was coming,

The first green bird. As the planet orbited or landed, Dr. Raymond landed the spacecraft on a mound, took a deep breath, looked at the other astronauts, and smiled, “Congratulations, successfully. Upon our landing, Kerry smiled and looked at the rest of the crew. Megan and Simon also congratulated Dr. Raymond. As soon as they heard this, all the astronauts got dressed in their space clothes and checked the oxygen cylinders. Shortly after, Dr. Raymond opened the gate of the spacecraft and looked at the rest of the companions, and landed on the planet Green.

The death of the perfect science green light.

While the other comrades were behind her, while only Carrie was left on the plane, because she was an expert pilot and also an aircraft engineer, Dr. Raymond surveyed all the landing directions on the planet where green was everywhere. The shadows, the earth, the mountains, the dust of this planet were all green, the rest of the astronauts were watching the colors of this strange planet, as soon as Dr. Raymond’s footsteps fell on a rock, that rock From the tail to the toe, first Dr. Raymond’s shoes turned green, then the rest of the clothes began to turn green.

The rest of the astronauts also backed away when they saw this. First, the voice of the migraine was heard by Dr. Raymond, then you are all right. Simon and Megan laughed too. Mood Kerry on the plane laughed too, and said cautiously, “Doctor, but I wonder why we didn’t get green,” Simon said, looking at Megan. Dr. Raymond, with a gun in his hand, was now looking in the other direction, where the giant mounds were. Where Dr. Raymond Mo Judd was,

Complete science green light death.

They too were astonished to see that there were innumerable moons in the sky on this side of the hill, whose color was green, now maybe it was going to be evening here, but the gusts of wind were blowing, desolation, the reign of Senate. Yes, Simon was delighted to see the green moons in the sky, and Carrie, sitting in the spacecraft, was astonished to see this scene. The green light now fell directly on the planet, the sunlight also began to fade in front of the innumerable moonlight, seeing this green light of the moon Dr. Raymond felt very happy in himself, he felt

As if energy was running in every vein of his body, his wild heart wanted to fly in the sky, first, every light hit the helmet on his face, every front glass, then The green light shattered the glass of his helmet and began to affect his eyes. In an instant, he realized the lack of oxygen and he fell down and died. Simon and McGran stood far away watching There were, but the green lights had affected both of them for so long. The green light penetrating into their space clothes was affecting their bodies and nervous system.

Complete science green light death.

Along with the migraine, the light was spreading everywhere, melting them, and their bodies were melting like water, after a while, the lights were running on the moon on the green planet, where Dr. Raymond, Simon, Megan, were on the Green Planet, but only their souls and their scattered belongings, which were now about to melt, while Carrie, who was still in the spacecraft, stared at the green light with wide eyes. She was calling out to her companions as the Green Bird’s engine had failed, and the death of the green lights was her destiny.


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