Most important officials in the Akbar administration

The list of most important officials in the Akbar administration are as follows.

OfficerIts Function
Diwan Responsible for all income and expenditure and  had control over Khalisa and jagir land
MIR BAKSHI Headed military departments, nobility,  information, and intelligence agencies.
MIR SAMAN In charge of imperial household and karkhanas
MIR MUNSHI In charge of Royal correspondence.
SADR-US-SADR In charge of the charitable and religious endowment.
QAZI-UL-QUJAT Headed the judiciary department
MUHTASIBE censor of public morals.
MUSHRIF-I MUMALIKAccountant general.
DARGO-I-DAK CHAUKIOfficer in charge of imperial post equivalent to  today’s post master.
MIR BARR Superintendent of forests.
MIR-I-ARZ Officer in charge of petition.
WAQIA-NAVIS News Reporters/writers.
DIWAN-I-KHALISA In charge of crown lands
MIR-I-MAL In charge of privacy purse.
MIR-I-TOZAK In charge of ceremonies.
MIR-BAHRI In charge of ships on boats.
MIR-MAUZIL In charge of Quarters.
MIR ATISH Head of Artillery
Khufia Navis Secret letter writers.
SIPAHSALAR The head executive (known as sipahsalar under  Akbar and later known as Nizam or Subedar
DIWAN In charge of revenue department
BAKSHI In charge of military department
SADR In charge of judicial department
FAUZDAR Administrative head
AMAL / AMALGUZAR Revenue collection
KOTWAL Maintenance of law & order trial of criminal  cases and price regulations
SHIQDAR Administrative head combined in himself the  duties fauzadar & kotwal.
AMIN, QANUNGO Revenue officials.
PATWARI Accountant

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