Poor living conditions and the biggest reason for the situation.

Human development and. Success has a lot to do with the value of sustenance. People who value sustenance achieve success very quickly and the abundance of sustenance is in the homes of those who value it. And the poverty and conditions that come upon man due to the insignificance of sustenance do not come from any other action. They ridicule the sustenance, their end is very horrible and instructive. Ridicule of sustenance is to show excessive sustenance for one’s ego and appearance and to throw leftover food in the dirt…

Rizq gives life to man. The greatest role in keeping a man alive is of Rizq. This is the sustenance that sustains the existence of human beings from birth to death. It is on the basis of sustenance that people become intoxicated with power and crush the weak. People are addicted to arrogance and power due to excess sustenance. If we do our own calculations, we will realize how much we underestimate the provision … the food leftover from the wedding is thrown in the garbage … The leftover food of the house is dumped in the drain. If the sustenance falls down, they consider it an insult to carry it…

Poor living conditions and the biggest reason for the situation.

The women of the house get involved in a lot of activities in the absence of sustenance. Dispose of leftover food in the drain while washing dishes. We have the grace and blessings of Allah that Allah has not shown us famine and there are no situations where there is a lack of sustenance. Otherwise, there are many countries in the world at this time where there is a shortage of food. Famine has set up camp there.

It is very important to take care of the value of sustenance. If food is left over, it should be kept for another time or given to a poor person. If the food is spoiled then it should not be thrown away but should be kept in a high place from where the birds etc. can bite. The value of sustenance gives a person a lot of respect and success … And the worthlessness of sustenance plunges man into the mire of poverty and misery. May God Almighty help us all to appreciate sustenance and to be careful. Amen.

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