Relationship between Indus Valley civilizations & Mesopotamian civilization

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Relationship between Indus Valley civilizations & Mesopotamian civilization

There might have been some exchange of ideas between these two civilizations i.e. Indus Valley & Mesopotamia civilizations. Later on, flourishing indigenous craft gave rise to thriving long-distance trade with western Asia but this did not bring about one-sided powerful cultural borrowings as it was thought earlier.

  • The hypothesis that the Indus Civilization was merely an extension or transfer of the cultural pattern of Mesopotamian civilization or a direct imitation of it is not tenable.
  • Indus Civilization borrowed nothing substantial from them. The essential and fundamental elements of the Indus Civilization differed from that of Mesopotamia. Mesopotamian Civilization flourished around the same time period and along different lines.
  • The development of vigorous trade relations with West Asia suggests that the Harappan produced very high-quality manufactured goods which must have taken a very long time to come into existence.
  • Round columns of Sumeria are absent in Indus Civilization.
  • Foundation deposits found in Babylonia and Egypt are absent in Indus Civilization.
  • The grid pattern of town planning altogether absent in Sumerian Civilisation.
  • Large scale use of steatite in Indus Civilization whereas very few beads of steatite have been found from Sumeria.
  • No similarities between the script of the Indus Civilization and West Asia.
  • The irrigation system and superior artifacts of Mesopotamia are missing in Indus Civilization.
  • Cylindrical seals of Mesopotamian type are rare in Harappan Civilization. Splendid tombs of Mesopotamia have not been found in Harappan Civilization.
  • Tools & Weapons type of Mesopotamia was different and far superior to that of Harappan Civilization.
  • Canal irrigation known to Mesopotamiam people was not practiced by the Harappan.
  • Temples played an important role in Mesopotamia but not in Harappan Civilization.
  • Filigree work so popular in Mesopotamia was absent in Harappan Civilization.
  • Mesopotamian wares were marked by delicate thinness whereas Harappan Pottery was heavy and utilitarian

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