San Marcos Garden Park in Mexico City was established in 1847.

Which San Marcos Festival is held every year, which is Fenley Gonzalez. Is celebrated in the memory of the person, is called. That he became a ghost and still exists in the park. Comes to worship in church. I also heard from Mandy that there was a pirate. And he hid his treasure somewhere in the same park. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. To a school teacher named Marie in her youth. There was a lover who was unfaithful to Gonzalez and. Then secretly poisoned Gonzalez. A few days later my mysterious. His body died in style. Several hundred years after his death on the Larumosa Highway. Also seen, Mandy herself. Is a witness

That of Mexico. The Sierra De Hills that meet California. In these mountains, I was seen in my special red dress. Self-noted that the fair in Garden Park. On the day people gather in red clothes. Waves make fun, miss Gonzalez, maybe. I am also present in them. When it mysteriously disappears, it reappears. Looks like ever the ghost of Gonzalez on the roof of the church. Appears like mine. Old broken house in the back of the church. Still exists, where Gonzalez used to live. There are still signs of the presence of five ghosts.

San Marcos Garden Park in Mexico City was established in 1847,

Sometimes Gonzalez is seen playing with a blue ball. Other spirits are of Gonzalez’s companions, who after Gonzalez’s death went to the Sierra d’Or hills in search of treasure, but never returned, except to laugh and cry on the night of the festival in this house. Everybody can hear the voices of He liked it very much, the taxi drivers traveling on the Mexican highway said that many times they suspected that Gonzalez and Marie were in their car, but there was no one in the seat.

Another driver says he saw Marie walking down the street near the Sierra de Hills. Stories of Marie’s sister can still be heard in Mexico today, which fell from the sky on the day of the Garden Park festival. Flying from the ground to the sky, Susan was locked in the basement just as she was about to fall in love with an African named On Carson, but was locked in the basement where Susan’s ghost can still be seen in the Mexican cemetery today, so strange are those poor voices, when they appear in red in my park.

San Marcos Garden Park in Mexico City was established in 1847,

There is the aroma of coffee all around while Gonzalez rings the church bells in the park to lure Marie to marry him. Hotel San Diego near the Garden in Mexico is also known for the presence of ghosts. , Where the furniture in a room automatically starts to fly, and the doors start to ring, but Mandy says that this hotel was built exactly where I was once found dead, Susan in the cemetery of Santa Paula. And Mary was buried, but the story goes that the tall woman who had buried his grave, and her child, were killed alive in a nearby tomb where she was accused.

That she had killed Mary to drink blood and had turned into a witch, the same tall woman, sometimes ghosts of children crying and other strange whispers, screams are heard in the ancient cemetery of Mexico, sometimes it happens But on the night of the festival, everyone can see their ghosts and hear their voices. Mandy is the same age, but I’m probably her only friend, so she’s familiar with every Mexican tradition, she says. Traces of blood-stained shoes in the cemetery can be seen all over the cemetery, but no one is visible. On the right side of the ancient cemetery, between 1805 and 1810, there were army barracks, prisons, and orphanages.

San Marcos Garden Park in Mexico City was established in 1847,

But now there are empty buildings where the ghosts of Gonzalez and Susan are present, or their spirits roam there. I was known as Manila Loza and had worked as a nurse. In this hospital, unusual warmth can be felt at night, automatically from cold to hot weather, screaming voices, sometimes Manila’s laughter. The voices of Ben Carty, Susan’s likeness to her voice to Marcos who gave life to Susan, but in secret his death is also famous in Mexico, he was found hanging from a rope in his room,

There are also rumors that he was killed by Victor, who later disappeared from Mexico himself. Mandy says that Victor disappeared somewhere in the northern tunnel, but no one can enter the tunnel today. The repair work was started once, but the next morning the bodies of the victims were found with their heads cut off. A few days later the tunnel was demolished and a railway station was set up there. Even after this, the series of mysterious events could not be stopped and during the journey people in the trains sometimes saw the parade of soldiers and sometimes the ghost of a little girl was seen in the fields. Was playing with

San Marcos Garden Park in Mexico City was established in 1847,

Many times Mandy saw with her own eyes the girl who is called Granny and the other ghost was David who was the girl’s brother. Mandy claims that he has talked to her too. I seem to be sitting alone because there are the graves of Susan, Mary, Gonzalez, and Mandy herself. I can sit here by Mandy’s grave and not only hear stories from her past but also talk to Victor’s ghost.

At my request, he leaves his tomb to go to Somalia and returns before dawn and hides in his tomb, because I am Susan’s uncle and I, after seeing Victor in a dream. I’m back in Mexico so I can see Susan and Marie again, talk to Gonzalez and befriend Victor.

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